Youth Summer Reading Program


Your learning and fun is important to us.

If you didn’t win something this year, you are still a winner because you read!

Here are this year’s prize winners: Odin Jensen, Robin Hearn,  Calum Reddy, Nara Jensen, Max Jeffords,  Brook Wolcott,  Jackson Reddy, Colleen Hearn, Jocelyn Violette, Liam Nolen, Alyssa Barcomb, Jax Williams, Ella Hocking, Madeline Lavalley,  Austin Barcomb, Morgan Goyette, Molly Huard, Grace Coppez,  Madison Johnson, Jacob Menard, Ollie Damato, Monique Fredette, Lucas Domina,  Aurora Loud, Dylan-Joy Hocking, Marley Loud, Samantha Gay, Dorothy Li, Joe Coppez, Brock Lamb, Elise Menard, Rosalina Carrasquillo, Cameron Daviau, Jackson Daviau,  Alison Woz, Savannah Fredette. Emily Gay, Lily Boisjolie, Alex Ainsworth, Andre Fredette, Avery Munster, Jamie Nolen,  Jacob Burns, Willow Gutermuth,  Alice Hearn, Lucas Polatol, Orion Senecal,   Chloe Jeffords,  Amelia Woz,  Alison Woz,  Nova Senecal,  Anna Huard, Joey Bianca, Kyler Wnetrzak, Kaden Wnetrzak, Gabe Carrasquillo, Paxton Hufangle, Aiden Goyette, Jacob Jeffords, Zelda Goulet, Elia Williams, Ben Domina, Avery Harrington Cho, Jacob Violette,  Andrew Buchachiy,  Evelina Bianca,  Natalie Boisjolie & Julian Carrasquillo!

Here were this year’s programs! We hope you had fun!

  • The Forest Park’s Zoo on the Go! 
  • Kick Off Event: Ed Popielarczyk’s MAGIC SHOW! 
  • Training Tails and Tales! with dog Trainer, Jim Helems from Dog PALs! 
  • MUSIC STORYTIMES! With Musician and Day, Andy Goulet!
  • REFLECTIONS WRITING GROUP: “How I got through the pandemic” with Jean Pao Wilson! 
  • RADIO FOX HUNT! With HAM Radio Expert, Roy Thompson. 
  • Wildlife Storybook! With Naturalist, Kathleen Bamford.  
  • Creature Art with Lois!  
  • Wildlife Scavenger Hunt! With naturalist, Kathleen Bamford! 
  • Letterboxing and Rubberstamp Carving with Cathy Thibodeau! 
  • Sip & Paint! Join the FRIENDS OF THE EDWARDS PUBLIC LIBRARY for an outdoor Sip & Paint!  
  • Alpaca Storytime! With Avery and the Alpacas!
  • Special Storytime with our friend, Ms. Lynne Guyette!
  • ESCAPE ROOM: PREDICAMENT! with Abby Thibodeau 
  • And, Jungle Jim and his “Tails and Tales” Summer Reading Balloon Magic Show.  Sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council!